Writing stories of a man’s inspirational journey and enlightenment to dream the impossible dream. Sharing the inspiration of the heart, showing his true strengths not often shown to the world; giving insight to his true purpose in heart and the reality of his struggles, yet show the imminent empowerment  to the distinguished gentle man that’s truly in him. 
 Ton’e Brown Inspirational Storyteller

 I enjoy writing stories to inspire truth to reality and how to dig deep to overcome everyday life challenges. The inspiration has been in the written stories about men, as I write; my readers have encouraged for more stories that show men in a positive life.  Men said they felt empowered by my characters, it showed more reality to the heart of a man than what’s been written about in past written books. Over and over, I would have conversations about the different career opportunities that helped my reader realize they had a choice fields they never considered. With each conversation, I began to identify my writing genre towards men and thought let see where it takes me as a author. 

I noticed that there were plenty of chick flicks, strong stories about fiery women but no real stories about men that had stability in their life or stories of strong confident men that where doing good in life. I had a friend share that he would really like to see a story line that a man was not being bashed and that really got to me. So, as I was writing my first novel I did my best to give the male character’s some character with value. I was amazed to the reaction I received, that I thought why not start a genre to men flicks.  I been told many times I had what some call a calling when it comes to men because of how I have identified with them,  and how I have been able to encourage and inspire them. I thought at first I had that special connection to men to help women understand them and help them keep a long lasting relationship/marriage. Oh, yeah, I forgot, women also came to me for advice concerning men. My advice has always been and always will be, respect them. That’s what I learned about a man, if he feels respected by his woman he will be the man she needs him to be. Ok, ok, I know not all men and that would be true. Keep in mind, even the dog skilled man desires to be respected.

Now I am colaborating and communicating with several men to bring truth to the stories I write, sharing the male prospective as a way to inspire and enlighten. I won’t take on the claim of an expert, or a specialized qualified male connoisseur, I am only going to speak my mind, share what I have learned along the way, and what I learn as we embark on this journey and blog with men that are honest enough to participate. My hope is to use this platform to not only inspire, but to enlighten,  give insight into men that will openly express their truths at every level of a mans thought process not just to relationships but to every aspect of life. That meaning, careers, the depth of their beliefs to faith, family, and, show strengths and the flip side of vulnerabilities not often shown or expressed.

My hope is my written characters in this book series will present a different viewpoint, showing honesty, integrity and the veracity at it’s best, coming from a woman writer. Sure, I expect to be judged and asked what do I know, guess what, I will not make claim as the authority of the male perception of his rules, only position role I intend to play is the author of stories that will give my readers a good read, truth in my writing and enlightenment to a mans journey to every story line.

Remember, I am an author sharing a man’s inspirational journey and enlightenment of a man’s heart.  There is no intent to help you think like a man or even what a man thinks, what I would like to gear towards is sharing stories that show the strength of men who have experienced overcoming life tragedies. Who are making a difference in this world behind the scenes, and the man that are making the marriage work in spite of the statistics given in a graph and the men who voices are silent because no one wants to listen.

If you are interested in sharing in this journey, join this blog and share your thoughts and insights, I want to hear from you. 

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